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"It's all about the hospitality"
We have a 3 main open tournaments - something to suit everybody!
Come down and have some fun!

Open Tournaments

Victory Cup

Sat 21st/Sun 22nd April

Our Premier Open Tournament
Great Prize Money!
Great Competition!
Any combination triples

Classic Pairs

Sat 3rd February

A fun one day tournament playing every kind of pairs imaginable. 
Any combination pairs

Junior Classic Fours

Sat 13th/Sun 14th January


For 1-8 year players.
Day 1:
Fours - Singles/Triples - Fours

Day 2:
Fours - Pairs/Pairs - Fours

2022 Junior Classic Entrants
2022 Pt Chev Junior Classic Winners

Winners - Phili Akaruru and her sisters Gloria and Tupia and Mukesh Rohra (Auckland)

2022 Junior Classic - 2nd Place Team - Dean Edge and his 'Dinosaurs'

Runners Up - David Ball, Dean Edge, Kevin Beasley, Ian Dee (Composite)

2022 Junior Classic - 3rd place - Daryl Mackie and his team
2022 Junior Classic - 4th -  Aaron Taylor and team


What a fantastic weekend!

It is the players who make a tournament, and what a great bunch we had at our Pt Chevalier 1-8 Year Classic! Teams arrived from all over Auckland, North Harbour, Counties as well as two teams from Timaru! Familiar face, Tina Jerrom, made the trek up from Central Otago!

Teams varied in experience - from Gareth Burgess's team (Kia Toa) with a mere total playing years of four - to Dean Edge's side (The 'Dinosaurs') who had a total of 30 playing years (out of a possible 32).

The tournament started on day one with teams playing fours, then splitting into singles/triples, then a final round of fours. At the end of play there were just three unbeaten teams - Front runners Jeff Amadia (Te Atatu) and Phili Akaruru (Auckland) with four wins, and Jean-Claude Fuller (Pt Chev) with three wins and a draw.

On Sunday, teams played fours, split into pairs, and once again finishing with fours. After 6 rounds, Jeff was in the lead winning six from six. Phili was nipping on his heels with 5 wins and a draw. Dean Edge and Daryl Mackie were not far away with five wins.

A crucial game in round seven, saw a battle between 1st and 2nd place. It was a chance for Jeff to pull further away, or for Phili to take the leaders spot. The tight encounter finished 11-9 in favour of Phili, taking her to 6.5 wins, with Jeff remaining on six.

Dean and Daryl continued there winning way, bringing their tally to 6, level with Jeff.

When the dust settled after the final 8th round, Phili was the outright winner with 7.5 wins. Dean and Daryl were tied on 7 wins each, forcing a countback on ends, which saw Dean 'edge' out Daryl 63 ends to 61. Jeff was toppled by Kathy Lister in the last round, to remain on 6 wins. Aaron Taylor's Timaru side were unbeaten on day two, and clawed their way up the table to also finish on 6 wins. Another countback on ends, and Aaron claimed 4th spot, with 63 ends to Jeff's 61.


to our place getters and a big thank you to everyone who supported our event. And of course, a big shout out to our chef, Kerri Lamb 'Chops'. '

First - Phili Akaruru and her sisters Gloria and Tupia and Mukesh Rohra (Auckland)

Second - Dean Edge with David Ball, Kevin Beasley, Ian Dee (Composite)

Third - Darryl Mackie with Andy Dawson, Marty Griffiths, Andy Kemp (Pringle Park)

Fourth - Aaron Taylor, Danny Johnston, Jarrod , Mike Crook (Kia Toa)

2021-22 Classic Pairs Winners - Jenny Stockford and Nick Thompson
2021-22 Classic Pairs 2nd place - Jo McKenna and Kevin Morris
2021-22 Classic Pairs 3rd.jpg
2021-22 Classic Pairs 4th.jpg
2021-22 Classic Pairs 5th.jpg

The most fun you can have in pairs!


The Pt Chevalier Classic Pairs was held on Saturday 5th February 2022.

Billed as 'the most fun you can have in pairs', the event did not disappoint.

The day consisted of six, short , 8-end games, all played in a different format:

Hong Kong (2-4-2) Pairs; English Pairs (2-2); Aussie Pairs (2-2-2-2); 'Normal' Pairs (3-3);

Shanghai Pairs (3-2-1 scoring for closest 3 bowls) and Bowls2Four (2 sets of four ends, with a power play and tie-break).

Across the two greens, the competition was cut-throat, with only one team emerging with six wins from six. Congratulations to Nick Thompson and Jenny Stockford (Pt Chevalier).

In second place was Kevin Morris and Jo McKenna (Pt Chevalier) with 5 wins and a draw.

In 3rd, 4th and 5th place, were five winners Alex Reed and Stephen Campbell (Pt Chevalier), Steve Fisher and Colin Ayris-Webster (Composite) and Bruce Walters and Meri Ansell (New Lynn), with Aggie Motu and Maria Smith (Composite) in 6th on 4 and a half wins. Pene Panapa (Mangere) received the lucky draw prize.

Thank you to all the team who supported our novel tournament.  It was great to see players embracing the different formats.  We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Classic Pairs 2022
Junior Classic Fours
Junior Classic - group.jpg
Junior Classic = Winners2.jpg

Winners - Aaron White, Stephen Campbell, Stu Paraker, Hitesh Ranchhod

Junior Classic - Runners Up.jpg
Classic Fours - 3rd.jpg



A big shout out to all the 1 to 8 year bowlers who supported our Junior Classic over Labour Weekend.  Everyone had a lot of fun and it was a privilege hosting such an awesome bunch of people.

As always, the competition was fierce. Only 3 of the 21 teams remained unbeaten after the first day - Peni Panapa (Mangere), John Crowe (Blockhouse Bay) and our own Aaron White (Pt Chevalier).

After round five, Aaron White’s team were the only five winners, with John Crowe drawing with Adam Baillie (Composite) and Peni Panapa going down to Karen Kuzimski (New Lynn) 12-6.

Two rounds later and with only one round left, Aaron White was still unbeaten with 7 wins, with Peni Panapa on 6 and John Crowe with 5.5 wins. The only way for a change in leaders was if Aaron White lost, and Peni Panapa won.

Bottom of the table, Paddy from Mt Albert team did their best to take down the leaders. They fought back from 10-3 down to be 10 all with just 3 ends to play.

The Pt Chevalier were not going to let the game slip away though and dug deep, scoring a 4 and a 3 to break away again. Meanwhile, Phil Ross’s Royal Oak Titans got the better of Peni’s Mangere team to notch up their 3rd win of the tournament.

Huge congratulations to Pt Chevalier’s newest members – Aaron White, Hitesh Ranchhod and Stephen Campbell and Hobsonville’s Stu Parker. The team played consistently good bowls all weekend. It was a great achievement for the team who between them only have 8 years bowling experience – their skipper Aaron is in his third year, whilst Hitesh and Stu are in their second, and Stephen Campbell is just in his first.

Thank you to the entire Pt Chevalier Crew for pitching in over the weekend and beforehand. You all rock!


Final Standings:

First – PT CHEVALIER – Aaron White, Hitesh Ranchhod, Stephen Campbell and Stu Parker – 8 wins, 69 ends, plus 80

Second – BLOCKHOUSE BAY – John Crowe, Kim Tilley, Malcolm King, Pip Wilton – 6.5 wins, 55 ends, plus 11

Third – ROYAL OAK – Warwick Catchpole, Vili Fifita, KJ Lark, Tupia Akaruru – 6 wins, 71 ends, plus 67

Fourth – MANGERE – Peni Panapa, Pale L, Prak R, Vai G – 6 wins, 64 ends, plus 41

Consolation Draw – PT CHEVALIER – Colin Williams, Keith Earl, JC Fuller, Henry Fane

Youngest Teams Spot Prize – PT CHEVALIER Aaron White, Hitesh Ranchhod, Stephen Campbell and Stu Pakrer and ROYAL OAK TITANS – Phil Ross, Paul Neazor, John Boddy, Arthur Frank – Both teams had only 8 years playing experience between them!

Dinosaur and Babies Prize – MT ALBERT – Padric, Lian, Randy, Marrisa – with 1x 7 year, 1x 2nd year and 2x first Year.

Victory Cup
Victory Cup winners less kev.jpg
Victory Cup organisers.jpg
victory cup 2nd.jpg

Victory to Pt Chevalier!

Pt Chevalier held their Victory Cup Open Triples tournament this weekend with 18 teams entered.

After Day One, the leader board saw Pt Chevalier’s Kevin Morris at the top with 4 wins, and Howick’s Neil Fisher in 2nd place with 4 wins also. The best of the 3 winners, in 3rd and 4th place, Colin Williams and Mamae Taurua, both suffered their only loss of the day to the Morris combination.


Despite the order at the top of the table changing throughout Day 2, when the dust settled, the top 4 places remained unchanged. The Pt Chevalier team of Kevin Morris (S), Graham Edwards (2) and Jo McKenna (L) had only one blemish to their scoreboard when they were beaten in the 6th round by Kolani “Dollar” Moata, Judie Tihi and Nogi Lepa.


Nipping on their heals in 2nd place, with 5 ½ wins from 7 games, was Howick’s Neil Fisher (S), Bryan Chapman (2) and Les Brown (L). In a day of mixed results, they drew their 5th round game, won their 6th to take the lead, only to lose their final game of the day and slip back to 2nd.

Third place, with 5 wins, was Pt Chevalier’s Colin Williams (S), Tessa Farley (2) and Jenny Stockford (L). They faltered in the last game of the day when they were beaten by club mates Jean-Claude Fuller (S), Nick Bell (2), John Petelo (L).

Fourth place, also with 5 wins, was New Lynn’s Mamae Taurua, Sani Fane (2) and Sanele Alo (L).

Fifth place went to the biggest movers on Day 2. Being one of only 2 unbeaten teams on the second day, helped the Dale Knight side of Gus Miller and Ian Warren climb from 12th place to 5th, finishing the weekend with 4 wins and 2 draws!

Congratulations to the winners and place-getters, and a HUGE thank you to everyone for supporting our tournament, and to Krystal and her team in the kitchen.


HARD LUCK HAMS                                   Dec 2020


Big thank you to everyone who supported our Hard Luck Hams Tournament yesterday!  


Congratulations to Henry Fane who won the 'Spider' and the Organic ham donated by Cam the Mortgage Man!


Congratulations to our winners Trevor and Judi Moyle from One Tree Point and

Jenny Stockford, Pt Chevalier with 3 1/2 wins.  Trevor said they took a break from their Xmas festivities in Muriwai - not to win a ham - but to catch up with the third member of their team whom they played their junior years with. What a bonus!

Three teams came in with 3 wins apiece to claim the minor placings. Special mention to the 2x first year bowlers Stephen Campbell (Pt Chevalier) and Maxe Janssen (Belmont Park/Takapuna) who were amongst the prizes

1st place - Trevor Moyle, Judi Moyle, Jenny Stockford - One Tree Point/Pt Chevalier

2nd place - Alex Reed (S), Harry Davis, Aiden Takarua - Pt Chevalier

3rd place- Kevin Morris (S), Graham Edwards, Stephen Campbell - Pt Chevalier

4th Place - Bob Telfer, (S), John Janssen, Maxe Janssen - Takapuna/Belmont Park

'Spider' - Henry Fane- Pt Chevalier

Hard Luck Hams
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