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"There is more to us than just bowls"

A smaller version than the outdoor game but this makes it a more tactical game. 
Played indoors - you don't have to worry about the weather! 
We have a mixture of new and experienced bowlers and one of the best coaches in the country! 
Play socially on a Monday - and competitively in the Western, Auckland and NZ competitions if you wish!
For more information, contact Alex Reed 027 8914779.


Beginners Singles - Jenny Webster

Handicap Pairs - 

Champion Singles - Mathew Farquhar


Beginners Singles - Jake Lawrence

Handicap Pairs - Josh Horsefield, Brian Wadman

Champion Singles - Carol Wright


Beginners Singles - Tessa Farley

Handicap Pairs - Josh Horsefield, Leon

Champion Singles - Alex Reed


Beginners Singles - Jake Laurence

Handicap Pairs - Jenny Stockford (S), Josh Horshfield (L)

Champion Singles - Alex Reed


Beginner Singles - Josh Horshfield

Handicap Pairs - Geoff Best (S), Chris Keindel (L)

Champion Singles - Jenny Stockford

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Latest News

Latest Indoor News
Ak indoor fours_edited.jpg

Auckland Championship Fours - 07/08/2021


Great effort once again by our Indoor Bowlers! 


Congratulations to our team of Aiden Takarua (S), Mesha White (3), Carol Wright (2) and Ken Wright (L). 


In the final they beat the Manurewa Cossie side of Rodney Mills (S), Bruce McGee, Noel Louden (2) and George Paice (L).

2021 Indoor 1-5 Pairs.jpg

Zone 1 - Indoor Junior 1-5 Year Pairs - 31/07/2021

Jean-Claude Fuller and Tessa Farley are packing their bags and heading to Upper Hutt on the 11th & 12th September! 


In a round robin competition, the combination won their first two games.  They were in a commanding position in the final game at 9-3 up with 3 ends to go when things went awry.  The opposition skip drew the shot at the end of the mat.  Jean-Claude played a brave shot to sit the bowl off but unfortunately, he took the jack off as well, conceding 3 points.  Inspired, the opposition put the pressure on in the next end and were rewarded with a 5, to put them in the lead 11-9 playing the last end.  Our Pt Chev combination could only manage a 1 on the last end, and lost by 1.

This loss did not knock them off from the top of the table however as they had more ends than the other 2-win team.

Congratulations to Jean-Claude and Tessa on winning the Zone 1 Junior 1-5 year Indoor Bowls Pairs. Good luck for the National Finals!

Alex exec fours_edited.jpg

Auckland Executive Fours - 11/07/2021

Congratulations to our team of pirates - Paul Wright, Aiden Takarua, Mesha White​ and Ken Wright - winners of the Auckland Executive Fours.

Special mention to Jean-Claude Fuller, a pirate in Te Atatu clothing, who was 3rd equal.

Alex indoor.jpg
Alex pairs_edited.jpg

Alex Reed has success in Waikato and Tauranga - 11/07/2021

Alex Reed sure does get around the Indoor Bowls circuit.  

Alex travelled to Hamilton on Saturday and won the Waikato Pairs with fellow North Island Representative Candace Andrew.

On Sunday he turned up in Tauranga and won their singles crown.  This was a special win for Alex as it gave him his 10th Tauranga title, thus giving him a gold bar to go with his gold star.

Awesome stuff Alex!


Auckland Indoor Singles - 29/05/2021

Great effort by Pt Chevalier's Indoor Bowler.


 Paul Wright was 2nd in the Auckland Singles and Mesha White won the cup for the lady going the furthest in the singles.


Played over 15 ends, the final was all square going into the last end of the final. Paul was unable to wrestle the shot from his opponent Simon Poppleton with his last bowl, losing by 2.

Indoor Tess and Mat.jpg

Pt Chevalier Indoor Beginners Singles 2021

The Pt Chevalier Indoor 'Beginners Singles' champion has been found!

The evening started with five contestants - Matt, Tessa, Michael, Jake and Josh. Played under a two life system, competition was cut throat, and by the time we got to the final 3, no-one had two lives!

The last three standing were Matt, Tessa and Jake. Matt got the bye to the final whilst Tessa beat Jake to earn the other finals berth.

Anything was possible in the final. Matt and Tessa had already played each other twice, in two lop-sided affairs. The final saw Tessa start strongly and never really look back. She ran out the victor 8-1.

Congratulations Tessa and well done Matt!

Indoor mixed pairs.jpg

Auckland Indoor Mixed Pairs 2021

Congratulations to our newest Pt Chevalier (Indoor) Pirates who have won the Auckland Indoor Mixed Pairs for the second year in a row!

In the final, the mother and son combination of Paul and Carol Wright, defeated David Smyth and his team mate Sally in a one-sided contest

The Wright family are well known for their Indoor prowess. Paul is a current NZ representative and Carol is a former NZ rep. Welcome aboard Paul and Carol and hubby Ken!

Alex and Mum.jpg

Watch the games:

Lucky Escape for Alex Reed

Alex Reed would have been all smiles after what can only be called a “weekend of lucky escapes”.

As an Auckland resident, Alex should have been stuck at home like the rest of us.  But, a fortuitous decision to visit family meant Alex was in Tauranga when Level 3 was declared.  He then chose to stay away!


Alex should have been working – however, with the necessary equipment stranded in Auckland – the task of live streaming the NZ Junior Singles was given to someone else – allowing Alex the opportunity to put a last minute entry into the Young Guns competition!


Alex should have missed out on qualifying in the Young Guns pairs – but for a big bowl on the last end in section play saw him pick up a 5 to get through!  His ‘luck’ had to run out eventually… and it did... but not until he made both finals!


Meeting Teri Anderson in the final of the Young Guns Singles, Alex had the early advantage. Teri fought back, and the scores were locked with two ends to go.  With her last bowl on the penultimate end, Teri chipped Alex’s shot bowl off for 3.  Teri held her nerve, when two down last end, with a bowl each to play.  She drew a near perfect bowl which was difficult to remove to hold on for the win.


The two met again in the Young Gun’s Pairs final the following day.  Alex and teammate Sam Bryant (Bay of Plenty) vs defending champions Teri Anderson and Jeremy Markham.  In a nail-biting game, the scores were tied going into the last end.  As the commentators anticipated, Alex waited for his last bowl before getting the shot, leaving Teri with one just chance to fix it.  Nudging the shot bowl, Teri moved the kitty to a perfectly positioned bowl for the win.


The North Island Team was announced on Saturday night.  To add to the celebrations of making two finals, Alex found himself back in the team for the 7th time!  He is once again playing two in the triples for Grant Rayner (S), with new cap Kyle Waldron (L).


Congratulations Alex on a fine weekend and everyone else named in the Island teams.  Special mention to Auckland players Paul Wright (Pairs Skip) and Steve Fisher (Reserve).


Unfinished Indoor Business in Hawke's Bay  11/10/2020
While most of us are back on the greens, Alex and Colin had unfinished business on the indoor mats.
Congratulations to Alex who was Runners Up in the Napier Invitation Pairs on Saturday with Mathew Ellis, and to Colin who was runners up in the Hawke's Bay Gold Star Pairs today with Jason Parker.
Unfortunately they were both beaten in the final by a name familiar to Pt Chevalier bowlers - Teri Anderson. For those who do not know, Teri is our secretary's daughter!
Teri was teamed up with Jason Parker on the first day, and Matthew Farquhar on the second.
Keeping it in the family, Alex's Mum Debbie was also successful - she was 3rd equal in the Gold Star Pairs with her partner Don Harris.

Watch the game:

Gold Star Winners Teri.jpg

Another win to Pt Chev - Western Pairs

Alex Reed and Jean-Claude Fuller flew the flag for Pt Chevalier today when they were victorious in the Western Indoor Pairs.

Hopes of an all Pt Chevalier final disappeared as soon as the post-section draw was announced. Pitted against club mates Teri Anderson and her Mum Jenny Stockford in the first round, only one team could carry on. With scores locked, Reed picked up a 2 on the penultimate end to gain the advantage. Two down on the head, Reed trailed the jack to the end of the mat with his last bowl. Anderson had to sit his bowl off and stay for two to force a draw. Unfortunately for her, she sat the bowl off but her bowl trickled off, to leave her with only one.

The Reed combination overcame the pairing of Simon Poppleton and Georgia Fisher in the semi-final match. Reed was 7-3 down when Poppleton played an attacking shot, slicing the jack to the left of the mat. This resulted in a 5 to Reed. Reed then picked up a 2 on the next end to be 3 up playing the last.

In the final, Reed and Jean-Claude proved too strong for Stu and Sue Liddell winning 15-3.

Congratulations Alex and Jean-Claude!

AK Triples.jpg

Golden Day for Aiden and Mesha

Aiden Takarua and Mesha White both earned their Auckland Indoor Gold Stars vesterday, when they combined with Jenny Stockford and won the Auckland Indoor Centre Triples.

Aiden's previous titles include Junior Singles (2016), Auckland Fours (2017), Auckland Singles (2020), Auckland Executive Fours (2020) whilst Mesha's titles include Junior Singles (2013, 2015), Ladies Fours (2019), Auckland Mixed Fours (2019).

The trio lost their 2nd game of the day to the John Dunne combination, but secured the three wins necessary to qualify by beating the Wright family, Jeanie Carey and Yvonne Shepherd teams.

In their march to the final, Pt Chev defeated New Lynn RSA's Leo Cantell and Portage's Yvonne Shepherd. Steve Fisher's team came through on the other side of the draw after defeating the Wright 's then Te Atatu's Stu Liddell.

The final started off very tight with 3 singles scored, making the score 2-1 to Pt Chev. The scoring then began to mount on the Pt Chev team aided by a kill by Fisher. Pt Chevalier came out the victors 9-2.

Congratulations to Aiden, Mesha and Jenny!

Mixed Pairs winners.jpg

Auckland Indoor Mixed Pairs to the Wright Team

Though not the outcome our Pt Chev team of Aiden Takarua (S) and Jenny Stockford (L) were hoping for, full credit to the son and Mum combination of Paul Wright (S) and Carol Wright (L).

The final was the second time the teams met today - the first game in section play resulting in a draw. The final match however was one sided with Paul and Carol showing their class and despite a valiant effort by Aiden and Jenny it wasn't to be.

On the way to the final, the Wrights beat Trish Fahey and Brian Gianotti followed by Jim Topliss and Lynette Coates. Takarua and Stockford disposed of Simon Poppleton and Georgia Fisher followed by the Graeme Wilson and Brenda Street.

Congratulations Paul and Carol!

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