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"There's more to us than just bowls"

For the Social/Casual, we have the following opportunities for you to take to the greens:

Wednesday Twilight Social League - Casper

Wednesday Twilight Social League

Our Social League runs for 6 weeks - twice yearly - in Oct/Nov and Feb/Mar.  Run in the exciting Bowls3Five format.  3 players in a side.  This fills up quick so enter quickly. 

Rent-A-Rink (or Mat)

Rent-a-Rink (or Mat)




Ideal for casual bowlers who just want to come and have a bit of fun with their friends, family or work mates. Great way to celebrate your next birthday or work do!


Battle of the Streets

Quick fire bowls for beginners - combined with Family Funday!  This is an event designed for our Social Members - Played over 3 Sundays (Sept/Oct/Nov), 2 quick-fire games over 5 ends, with a power play (double points).  A fun afternoon for the whole family - with entertainment for the children.  A fun way to meet your local community - teams of 3 - ideally from the same street!

Battle of the Streets
Battle of the Street Winners
battle of the streets - pirates at xenia
Battle of the streets - Kids entertainment

Battle of the Streets

And the winning Street was... HUMIRIRi ST HAWAIIANS!!!

Congratulations to the inaugural winners of the Battle of the Street - Michael Campbell, Paul Borich, Brent Newson, Nikki Newson and Robyn Campbell. Not only did they look great in their colourful Hawaiian shirts, but they played great bowls too. From day one, they stood out as one of the teams to beat.. and at the end of day two, they remained the only unbeaten team with 5 wins.


Not far behind in 2nd and 3rd place was Bungalow Barge Arse and The Neighbours on 4 wins each.


The Humiriri Street Hawaiians were full of praise for the club. They said the club had struck the right balance with the event. The pirate entertainers made it easy for the many parents to enjoy the bowls. Regulars at our Wednesday Night Social League, they enjoyed meeting a lot of new faces and were hopeful some would join the next Wednesday night league.

Huge thank you to everyone who took part, our members who helped put the event together and to our sponsors Professionals Point ChevalierBurgerFuel and Asahi Beer NZ

Social Bowls Prizegiving
Social Bowls Prizegiving

Wednesday Night BOWLS3FIVE Social League

Feb 2021

Lockdowns and weather may have shortened the league, but it was great having everyone on the greens for the last 2 weeks!  And how nice is it to have The Scullery up and going! 


Big thank you to Bowls NZ and Burger Fuel Pt Chev for providing a lot of giveaways!  And of course to Harry Davis, Colin Williams and their band of helpers.

See you all in October!

Social Bowls Prizegiving
Social Bowls Prizegiving
Social Bowls Prizegiving
Social Bowls Prizegiving
Social Bowls Prizegiving
Bowls3Five Social
Wednesday Night Social Bowls3FiveLe Leagueague
Social Bowls Prizegiving
Social Bowls Prizegiving
Social Bowls Prizegiving
Social Bowls Prizegiving

Wednesday Night

BOWLS3FIVE Social League

OCT 2020 Results

This year the event changed to the popular 'as seen on tv' Bowls3Five format of the game.  Instead of one game of 10 ends, 2 sets of 5 ends is played, and a 'tie break' end is played if the teams win one set each.   Each team also had a power play end to use when they wanted - which meant, if the end was won, they get double points.  This kept the game interesting right until the end.

Congratulations to our winners Blazin Bowls, runners up PC Invincibles and third place Too Much Green!

See you all in February!

Thank you to Harry Davis and Colin Williams for running the event and their band of helpers.

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