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COVID19 Update
We are opening on 3rd December 11am!  Bring your Vaccination Passport. 

2020/2021 Slideshows:

"Pt Chevalier's Best Kept Secret"

Pt Chevalier Bowling Club is a competitive club with a
huge community feel.  

Many locals are social members and enjoy what the club has to offer. 

Come on down and enjoy our hospitality!


Our on site restaurant is open Wed-Fri 4pm-9pm and Sat/Sun 12pm-9:00pm
and can cater your private functions too.

Children's Playground


COVID19 Update
What is happening in level 3?

Bowls New Zealand Guidelines

For Level Three, Step One - 

  • Limited to two bubbles per rink (at any one time) on no more than four rinks per green.

    • Bubbles may not swap rinks during the same day. 

    • Our recommendation for the sport of bowls, is that bubbles should be limited to singles and pairs only.

  • Mats and Jacks may be used, but must be sanitised before and after play.

  • All clubrooms/toilets will be closed

  • Any person(s) using the club green must email the club advising of their time/date of use in advance (so that the green is not over populated)

  • Persons visiting the club must sign in with the NZ COVID Tracer app, or sign a register – this register/sign-in must be available on the outside of the clubrooms/facility.

  • Bowlers should take sanitising wipes with them to wipe down mats, jacks, gate entry, seats etc.

  • Physical distancing should be maintained.


The greens are open!

Although the club house remains closed in level 3, we are able to open our greens for practice only - albeit under strict conditions.  It is important to always follow the Bowls NZ guidelines and to always following the COVID19 guidelines.

'A' Green will be open from Saturday 9th October.. with 'B' green being available in approx 3 weeks time!

To meet these guidelines and to keep everyone as safe as possible, the following Booking System has been put in place:

Firstly, who can book?

The greens are open for Full members only - though social members are able to join a full playing member.


Who is taking the bookings?

Glenn Poole (Club Manager).  You can either text him on 021-1242714 or email him at ptchevbowls@gmail.com.


When do I book?

Bookings should be made in advance - email/text before 4pm, and Glenn will reply by 4:30pm to confirm your booking - date, time and rink number.  

'On the Day' Mon-Fri requests can be submitted to Glenn - but players should only go to the club once Glenn has confirmed their booking.  

There will be no 'on the day' weekend bookings - so make sure you submit your request no later than 4pm Friday.


nb: Please cancel your booking if something crops up, and you no longer want to play - someone else might be wanting that spot.


How long can I practice for?

Bookings are limited to two hours blocks to ensure that everyone can get an opportunity to play: 9am-11am; 11am-1pm; 1pm-3pm; 3pm-5pm; 5pm-7pm.

nb: Players can continue to play beyond their allocated 2 hours if no-one has booked the following session.


Before you come - 

Please do not come if you have any COVID19 symptoms.

Please bring sanitizing wipes so that you can sanitize your hands, the jack and mat before and after play.

Go to the bathroom!  (Just a reminder that the club is closed so you will not be able to use the toilet facilities).


Whilst at the club - 

Most importantly - Sign in!    

Please use the COVID19 Tracer App to sign in - There will be a COVID19 scan in poster in the window of the porch entranceway to the hall along with a sheet displaying the day's bookings and rink allocation and the Bowls NZ Guidelines.  There will also be a manual sign-in register. 

Remember to sanitize your hands, mat and jack - these are kept at present in the shed by 'C' green.  

Enjoy your bowls - and remember - you must stay on your assigned rink, and follow the level 3 - step 1 guidelines regarding social distancing etc.

Green Closure

If the green is closed for any reason (eg, rain), anyone with a booking will be notified.


If you have any questions, or are unsure of anything, please contact our Club Manager - Glenn Poole.